3 reasons Chicago Bears trading for Montez Sweat was smart, 3 reasons it was foolish

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Smart Reason1: There were not going to be better options in free agency

The reality is that players like Montez Sweat do not end up being free agents. We saw this last year. The Chicago Bears had some big choices between Zach Allen, DreMont Jones, Mike McGlinchey, and Tremaine Edmunds. These were the best fits for them at the highest price tags in free agency.

Allen has been on one of the worst defenses in the NFL and did little to nothing when he played the Bears. McGlinchey has been worse with Denver than he was with San Francisco. Jones has been fine, but the Seahawks just added Leonard Williams to improve that unit. Then, there is Edmunds, who the Bears chose. He has been a bust so far.

The Chicago Bears can wait until all of the good players get extended and Franchise-tagged and then pick through the scraps for guys like we mentioned above. Or, they could add someone who was not going to make it to free agency. Someone was going to trade for Sweat; the question was the price. Did the Bears overpay? Possibly. Was there any way that they could get this impact in the spring? Unlikely.