3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Ryan Poles going forward

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Ryan Poles can learn from his mistakes 

There are some easy ways to ding Ryan Poles and his process so far. However, one thing that you can admit is that he is learning from his misses. Poles is a first-time GM so he is going to make his mistakes. However, if he doubles down on them, the Bears have a problem. So far, he has not. 

Ryan Poles made a mistake with the Chase Claypool trade. He could have said that between Claypool, Velus Jones, and Darnell Mooney, he had a decent group of wide receivers. He could have bet on Claypool and Jones to step up because he bet on them the year prior. However, he said that neither has shown enough to warrant that, and he added D.J. Moore and Tyler Scott. Both have been good additions who outproduced the others. Moore is a game-changer. 

Poles did not let the fear of another Claypool situation stop him from adding Moore and did not let his stubbornness trust Claypool longer.

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The same can be said for Yannick Ngakoue. He was supposed to help fix the pass rush, but he has been a major dud. Rather than let it play out, he added Montez Sweat. Now, Ngakoue is playing less, and the pass rush looks better. Even in this situation, the fear of a bad Claypool trade at the deadline did not stop him from adding Sweat, and this move looks good so far. 

Ryan Poles is going to make mistakes, but he is growing. Right now, the roster is in the right direction.