3 reasons Chicago Bears can trust Ryan Poles going forward

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As the Chicago Bears head out of the bye week and into the final five games of their 2023 season, there appear to be questions about the status of both Justin Fields and head coach Matt Eberflus moving forward. However, there has been less talk about the team moving on from General Manager Ryan Poles. 

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been some evidence that Poles has this team trending in the right direction from a roster-building perspective. There are a few reasons why his job in jeopardy as much as the others. 

Ryan Poles has found building blocks for the Chicago Bears 

The Chicago Bears had a roster that was wiped away with talent. As they head into the final five games, it looks like the team has some building blocks at important positions. Ryan Poles took plenty of shots at the cornerback position. He will probably have to franchise tag Jaylon Johnson, who he inherited from Ryan Pace. Still, with Kyler Gordon, Tyrique Stevenson, and Terell Smith in place, that position is done.

At tackle, he drafted both Braxton Jones and Darnell Wright. Jones is playing well, and the final five games should cement his starting status next year. Wright has been living up to expectations so far. 

At wide receiver, Ryan Poles added D.J. Moore in one of the more lopsided trades in NFL history. Moore is one of the better receivers in the NFL right now. Lastly, he added Montez Sweat, who has immediately turned the Bears pass rush around. 

Moore and Sweat are game-changing veterans on both sides of the ball. Jones and Wright are keys to any team-building plan, and the cornerback position finally looks locked down. The core pieces of this roster are now in place thanks to additions made by Ryan Poles.