4 reasons the Chicago Bears can turn this season around starting against Detroit

The Chicago Bears are in the midst of a mini-bye week, and Justin Fields is expected to be back as the starting QB this weekend to take on division rivals the Detroit Lions.

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Justin Fields has had a full month to sit and ponder

Now to some, this might seem like a nonsense point to make; however, I firmly believe that these last 4 weeks have been invaluable for Justin Fields to reset, refocus and really take some time in-season to further acclimate to this offense and evaluate his own performances.

During the season, players have very little time to dwell on the previous week’s performance. As soon as one game has finished you are on to the preparation for the next one.

While Fields will have still been fully immersed in preparation for the next opponent regardless of his game status, he will undoubtedly have had more time to reflect on the first few weeks of the season safe in the knowledge that he would not be playing, even as the back-up.

There is a lot of talk about the Bears moving on from Fields in the new year, and while players will always say that they are blocking out the noise, they are humans like everyone else. The idea that he may be displaced will be in the back of his mind.

Of course, the problems on offense have not been entirely the fault of the young QB. Some of the coaching has been very questionable, and the play-calling certainly hasn’t always been tailored to Fields’ strengths. This thing is multifaceted.

As I mentioned, this is Fields’ chance to come out in the 2nd half of this season, prove the doubters wrong, overcome the obstacles, and cement himself as the Chicago Bears starting quarterback for the next decade.


Will that happen? Will the Bears start to stack some victories? Roll on Sunday and we’ll begin to find out.