5 reasons the Chicago Bears can upset the Las Vegas Raiders

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Buffalo Bills v Chicago Bears, Kyler Gordon
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3. The Chicago Bears pass defense is improving

The Chicago Bears' pass defense is not showing the same statistical improvements as the run defense. However, there is a reason to believe that it will soon. The team just got back Jaylon Johnson and Kyler Gordon last week. Both of them played well in their first game and will look to build off of that.

On one hand, it is a dangerous game because they face Davante Adams. However, on the flip side, they will get a backup quarterback, and it sounds like it may be Brian Hoyer. Hoyer will try to force the ball to Adams, but the Bears have to know the plan of attack here. Beyond that, the question is if Hoyer can work the ball to the other receivers to score enough to win the game.

One key injury note to watch for the Bears will be the status of Eddie Jackson. A turnover could change this game, and if they can get Jackson back, it would be just what they need. Still, even without Jackson, this is as close to full strength as we have seen this secondary, and they are in a much easier matchup than in recent weeks. They should show up.