5 reasons the Chicago Bears can upset the Las Vegas Raiders

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Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears, Tyson Bagent
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2. The Las Vegas Raiders do not know what Tyson Bagent can bring

On the one hand, Chicago Bears fans fear what Tyson Bagent will bring. He has so many questions, and he turned the ball over twice in two-breaking ways against the Minnesota Vikings. However, there is a reason to be confident in him as well.

First, it is different coming in off of the bench compared to starting the game. Tyson Bagent will get all of the repetitions, and the game plan will be for him and not Justin Fields. He will come into the game much more prepared. Better than that, the Raiders really cannot prepare. What are they going to do, break down his college tape? From Shepherd? That may help, but it will not tell them what blitzes get him off of his target and where to attack him in certain looks.

Teams need tape on a player before they can craft a game plan around him. The offense is going to be different with Bagent compared to Justin Fields, so any little nuances found in tape study or analytics may not apply this week.

Given that Bagent is a rookie UDFA, the Raiders will likely come out with some vanilla looks, but they will look to pressure him and let him make mistakes. The Bears know what the Raiders will do against an unknown quarterback, but the Raiders do not know what Bagent can bring. This is a chance to surprise them with a week to prepare.