3 reasons Matt Eberflus was drawn to Eric Washington as Chicago Bears DC

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1. Eric Washington could help the Chicago Bears with a bigger role

It cannot be understated that Eric Washington was not just the defensive line coach for the Buffalo Bills. In 2022, he was named a Senior Defensive Assistant, and then in 2023, he was named the assistant head coach. These are bigger roles that show he cannot only fit the defensive coordinator role but also help Matt Eberffus on game day.

Eberflus is known as a great play-caller who had lapses that cost his team leads late in games as a game manager. That is where Washington can come in. Whether he takes on a bigger duty that relieves Eberflus of work on defense or whether he has a bigger role on game day, Washington's having that extra role title and experience has to be helpful for the Bears. 

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His style fits Eberflus; he has worked under coaches like Eberflus, and Eric Washington is a great compliment in terms of role. This makes sense for the Chicago Bears.