3 reasons Matt Eberlus has a hotter seat than Ryan Poles with the Chicago Bears

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2. The Chicago Bears culture is not being set 

One of the biggest things that Matt Eberflus was going to instill in the Chicago Bears was a hard-nosed culture. He talked about HITS, which is to hustle and play intensely with technique and smarts. 

While the team was losing in year one, there was talk about how hard the roster was playing and how they played clean football. That has not been the case this year. The Bears are worst in penalties and missed tackles. They are playing sloppier overall

Matt Eberflus has played guys like Chase Claypool and Yannick Ngakoue for too long despite effort issues, and it took the General Manager coming in and doing something for a change to take place. 

Then, there is the reality that two coaches he brought in had to move on due to personal issues. Defensive coordinator Alan Williams came from Indianapolis with him, so it is hard to think this was not a coach that came directly with Eberflus.

The Bears have five games to show that they can play harder and smarter because that has not been the case.