Former player trolls the Chicago Bears, sends major warning sign to the organization

Roquan Smith's recent interview about how happy he is now leaving the Bears needs to be a wake-up call for an entire organization
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Chicago Bears, Roquan Smith
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Major changes need to take place with the Chicago Bears

If you want to take Roquan Smith's comments with a grain of salt because he did not play well last year or you do not care about what the ex-Bear says anymore, that is fine. But you better believe the rest of the league is paying attention, too. The majority of these players played with or against each other from the days of Pop Warner to high school and college. The NFL brotherhood is strong on and off the field.

In the age of social media, we have seen many players hit the like button of a tweet from another player or a fan, leave cryptic messages, and take down their social media platforms. Also, both current and former players are hosting their podcasts and live streams now. Rather than relying solely on radio and television, they are now making their voice heard on multiple platforms to share their stories. And it will only grow moving forward.

The Chicago Cubs made a shocking move by hiring former Milwaukee Brewers manager Craig Counsell to a 5-year contract worth $40 million on Tuesday, firing David Ross. The organization believes they are ready to compete and need a competent manager rather than keep a former popular ex-Cub, who kept making questionable lineup decisions throughout this season. The move, while cold-blooded, will get serious attention from free agents, who are interested in joining the Cubs.


The Chicago Bears have settled far too many times in the past, which is where they are right now today. They will have to match the Cubs by pulling a similar move on their own to regain the trust and generate buzz from disgruntled fans and even more disgruntled players to reassure them that they do not tolerate the status quo under new leadership. For the first time since he joined the Chicago Bears, Kevin Warren is now on the clock.