What if Ryan Poles decides to do something wild in the 2024 draft

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Ryan Poles can do what he wants with the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears seem to love being in the news. Last year, they controlled the draft talk until they didn't. Now, there are a lot of things running through my mind. It is too soon to know what Ryan Poles draft plans will become. The Chicago Bears have to find a new offensive staff, self-scout, and possibly prepare for their assistant GM to be on a new team. It's funny how I got flack for the suggestion that Justin Fields could be on the team while the team drafts another quarterback. Once ESPN mentions that possibility, some have come around to the idea. Hmmm..

I am almost done with my quarterback rankings for the 2024 NFL draft. No, I don't have Bo Nix as my top quarterback anymore. But I still don't have Caleb Williams at the top. Sorry, I am old school. I value Bill Parcells' rules for drafting a quarterback. The NFL Combine leaked interviews could still change my mind. Before I get too far off-topic, I'll give you a sneak at my rankings for you to laugh at.

  1. Jayden Daniels
  2. Bo Nix
  3. Caleb Williams
  4. Drake Maye
  5. Michael Penix Jr
  6. Jordan Travis
  7. JJ McCarthy

My Rankings are still subject to change. OK, back on topic. What if Ryan Poles passes on edge again to ensure the offense thrives? I said the Chicago Bears would be silly to draft Marvin Harrison Jr with the first overall pick. I stand by that statement, but what if Poles does everything possible to ensure he comes away with him as a receiver? 

If Poles moves down one or two spots, he could look to add to this draft class instead of the future. The Chicago Bears could then draft Marvin Harrison Jr and select a quarterback early on day two or with the 9th overall selection. That sounds silly, right, but imagine giving the new offense every chance possible to thrive. Go back to the 2018 NFL draft when the Cleveland Browns were unsure which quarterback they would select with the first overall pick. They were so obsessed with getting the correct quarterback that they didn't think to bolster the offense fully.

The Browns picked up a stud receiver in Jarvis Landry and drafted Mayfield. Imagine if the Browns drafted DJ Moore or Calvin Ridley later instead of sticking with Denzel Ward. Or, had the Browns traded that draft pick (which was a thought), someone else might have taken Mayfield or Darnold, and the Browns would have been stuck with Josh Allen, extra draft capital, and the possibility of Moore or Ridley. That is the scenario the Chicago Bears find themselves in while having a young quarterback on the roster.

Like Ryan Poles said, "There are thousands of scenarios." There is a scenario where the Bears could come away with Harrison Jr, one of those seven quarterbacks I listed above, and extra draft capital. If you don't think that would work. Check the archives of the NFL. Andy Dalton was once considered the line before greatness. He was able to grow with AJ Green. Sure, the Bengals didn't win in the Playoffs, but they went a lot. That was AJ Green with some players besides him. The Bears could do more of what the Atlanta Falcons did in that same draft. Pair an All-Pro caliber receiver with a future one.

Next. The Chicago Bears can't get googly eyes. The Chicago Bears can't get googly eyes. dark

After all, it would be so Chicago (and Eberflus) to be up 24-14 and blow the win in the NFC Championship game. Sorry, Falcon fans, I had to. So those are two models from the same draft class that the Chicago Bears can follow. Matt Ryan became Matty Ice after acquiring Julio Jones. And Andy Dalton (second-round draftee) grew with the top receiver prospect and became very successful. Neither became future HoF stars, but both were very productive for a decade... one of them for almost two.