Ryan Poles fires back at RG3's lazy Chicago Bears hot take

Ryan Poles calls out RG3's bad take.

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Former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III drew headlines a few weeks back for how bad his take was regarding the Chicago Bears' quarterback situation.

Griffin was emphatic that Caleb Williams refused to play with the Bears considering the past failures that the team has had in terms of quarterback development.

The take was expired the minute that Griffin hit send on the tweet considering the fact that Ryan Poles had already proved the development of Caleb Williams will be much different from the development cycles of Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields.

To hold Poles responsible for the mistakes of his predecessors just highlights how out-of-town stupid Griffin's assessment was of the Bears' situation.

Poles was a guest on the The Pat McAfee Show on Tuesday and addressed the comments.

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Poles clearly does not think Robert Griffin III is smart.

The silence from Poles after being asked about the comments made by Griffin.

The problem is that it's not just Griffin. There are many Bears fans out there who believe the team's selection of Williams is destined to fail because the team has proven they are incapable of developing quarterbacks.

There is no question that the Bears do not deserve the benefit of the doubt when it comes to quarterback development. The reason why Poles is here is to set the team in a different direction than what has been accomplished in the past.

The development of Williams will be a case study for Poles as he finally has his handpicked quarterback. In the early stages of that development, Poles has proven that he is different from any other general manager that has come before him. Poles has surrounded Williams with Pro Bowl talent in DJ Moore, D'Andre Swift, and Keenan Allen. Talent that far exceeds the situation that Fields and Trubisky were placed in.

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