3 signings that are not working for the Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears v Washington Commanders, Tremaine Edmunds
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2. Tremaine Edmunds has been a letdown for the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears decided to make Tremaine Edmunds the high-priced free agent of their offseason. Many thought that Ryan Poles, with his lineman background, would use assets to spend on the line because both sides needed it. The deal was also surprising after Poles and Matt Eberflus just traded off Roquan Smith.

The thought was that Eberflus was a good linebackers coach and could turn someone like Jack Sanborn into a quality starter who is not far off of Edmunds for a fraction of the cost. However, it appears Eberflus wanted specific linebackers, and Poles liked Edmunds, so they went and signed him. So far, he has been the biggest disappointment of the year for the Bears.

Every once in a while, he makes a play, but he is not impacting the game in key areas. His coverage is lacking, and he is looking slow to process. With guys like T.J. Edwards, it took some time, but he is adjusting to the defense. Even Justin Fields has had bounce-back games in this disaster year. Edmunds is swimming uphill right now and cannot seem to find stable ground.

Will he ever become comfortable in this system, or is this what the Chicago Bears signed up for?