3 Signs That Point Towards the Bears Drafting Caleb Williams

It’s the bye week and we have some time to think. So I thought it might be a good time to reflect on what the Bears may do in the upcoming NFL Draft, and in particular, what their plans may be at quarterback.

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If Matt Eberflus sticks around, it'll be because he has convinced Poles that Fields is the issue

Statistically, Matt Eberflus is the worst-performing head coach in the history of the Chicago Bears franchise. Despite this, there have been rumours circulating over the last few weeks that Ryan Poles still likes Flus and may even hold onto him this off-season.

While this move would make me question whether Poles should even still be there, if it happens then it’ll likely be because Eberflus has convinced Poles that Justin Fields is the problem.

The offense has been pretty bad most of the year. This can be attributed to questionable play calling from Luke Getsy, poor execution across the unit, and an array of other errors at the QB position. Justin Fields has looked good over the last couple of weeks, but I’m not sure the performances are at a level that will save his job.

The defense on the other hand has experienced a minor renaissance since Matt Eberflus took over the play-calling duties. I genuinely wouldn’t have a problem having Matt Eberflus as my DC, he just isn’t it at the Head Coach position.

An argument can be made by Flus that while Getsy isn’t the guy who should be calling the offensive plays, Justin Fields also isn’t the guy to lead his offense. His argument may be that with Caleb Williams and a better play-caller at the helm, this team could be ready to go. The opportunity is there for Flus to throw his QB under the bus and use this as an opportunity to save his job.