3 Signs That Point Towards the Bears Drafting Caleb Williams

It’s the bye week and we have some time to think. So I thought it might be a good time to reflect on what the Bears may do in the upcoming NFL Draft, and in particular, what their plans may be at quarterback.

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You can’t really pass up on the chance to draft a Caleb Williams

A new Head Coach will likely prefer to reset at the quarterback position. Having the number 1 overall pick is something that you hope doesn’t come along too often, but if you get the chance to take a prospective franchise-altering talent at QB, you will probably do just that.

Any new Head Coach coming in will assess the strengths and weaknesses that Justin Fields possesses. Based on what I have seen, I think that Fields will only get you so far, and there has to be a very specific setup in place to make him successful.

I think Caleb Williams gives you a better chance to win in the long run. Sure, he’ll have rookie struggles, but is next year with Fields at QB going to be a Super Bowl run? Probably not.

Some will prefer the Bears to take a Marvin Harrison Jr and build around Fields, arguing that Fields is just good enough if only the team would do more for him.

Even if you were to argue that Fields and Williams are similar talents, why not take the younger one on the rookie contract and allow yourself more funds to spend elsewhere, there are still quite a few holes on this team.

End of the day, Williams is a better prospect coming out of college, and you have a chance to get him. Given the factors in place with this struggling franchise, it just makes too much sense on multiple levels.

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Of course this situation could go a completely different direction, especially if the Panthers don’t continue to be the worst team in the league; however, given the situation as it stands there are just too many logical reasons for the Bears to move on from Fields and start over at QB with Caleb Williams.