10 stock down Chicago Bears after preseason week one

These Chicago Bears players did not make the most of the preseason opener

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6. Bravvion Roy needs to show more with the Chicago Bears

This one is probably unfair considering that Roy was signed about a week ago. However, he is right on the roster bubble after getting released by the Carolina Panthers. If he wants to make the roster, he has to jump on the moving train, and fast.

We know that the Bears will keep Andew Billings, Justin Jones, Gervon Dexter, and Zacch Pickens. The question is whether Travis Bell or Bravvion Roy make it as the fifth interior lineman. So far, if they do keep one, it will be Bell.

Bell is more of the three-technique, while Roy is more of the nose tackle. So, it may make sense that Bell flashed more on the initial watch. Still, he played more than Roy, who played just ten snaps, and did not look to have an overly strong game. Bell is a project and a seventh round pick from a small school. If it is close bwteen the two, they have to lean to the upside player, and Roy is not showing that he is clearly the better talent at this point.

Maybe he needs another week to adjust, but if he wants to sneak onto the roster he needs to show more.