This is a strong indicator that Justin Fields has big role in Chicago Bears problems

Justin Fields is not seeing the field well and he is not accurate

Kim Klement Neitzel-USA TODAY Sports

After the Chicago Bears' 0-2 start, fans are looking for anyone and everyone to blame. The offensive line, coaching, and defense have issues, but at the end of the day, if Justin Fields were playing better, the team would be in a better spot.

Justin Fields is not accurate and is waiting for too many easy passes

While it is easy to pass the blame away from him for all of the other issues on the roster, he has not progressed as a passer. The chart below shows exactly what his issue is. The axes' are the rate of throws to open windows and the accuracy of open window throws. So, the further right you are, the more open window passes you make. The further up means, the more accurate you are. Look at the bottom right.

That is where we see Justin Fields, and this is where two major issues stem from. First, he throws the ball to open receivers more than anyone. This is not even saying the scheme is great or the skill players are elite. However, it does say that Justin Fields does not have that instinct where he can throw wide receivers open.

He has to wait until he sees them open to throw the ball. This is why Fields holds onto the ball too long. Sometimes, you have to anticipate that someone will be there at the right time or trust your man to go get it. He does not have these traits.

Worse than that is the lack of accuracy. If you are only throwing to open wideouts, you need to be much more accurate. Quarterbacks like Kirk Cousins and Dak Prescott struggle to anticipate and do not test their ability as a passer much. However, they are both far more accurate than average, so they can get by this way.

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Fields is playing more scared than Kirk Cousins when it comes to anticipation and letting it rip, but he is less accurate than Anthony Richardson right now. This is a poor combination to deal with, and there is not a scheme, offensive line, or skill player that can magically make this go away.