Surprise inactive opens backfield for Chicago Bears rookie

The Chicago Bears are making D'onta Foreman inactive

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The Chicago Bears had a three-man rotation at running back in week one, but it did not work out the way that they wanted. The team had to make some changes as the season continuied, and one of them was to make D'onta Foreman inactive. This is a notable move that is significant for Roschon Johnson and Khalil Herbert.

Chicago Bears plan to make D'onta Foreman inactive vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

This is significant because Foreman was highly involved in the offense, especially in the first half. However, as the game went on, Roschon Johnson looked like the best back. As the number three, it was time to move Johnson up.

So, if Herbert was the starter and Johnson was the next one up, the need for Foreman was far less; Foreman does not catch passes, struggles to block, and does not play special teams. It was hard to see him having a role if he is not one of the top two running backs.

Last week Roschon Johnson had 30% of the total snaps, 19% of the total rushing attempts, and 9% if the targets. He also played 17% of the short down and distance snaps. In terms of raw stats, he had 21 snaps, four attempts, 15 routes run, three targets, and a short down and distance.

This is going to open a lot of touches for Johnson in this offense. Of the two, Johnson is the more similar runner to Foreman, and he would be the thunder to the lightning of Foreman. So, it may open up more for Herbet, but this is a major win for Roschon Johnson.

He looked good enough in week one that the team feels the need to play him more. He is already ahead of the expectations entering the season, and it has made Foreman's role futile.

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So, it is disappointing to see that the Forman free agent signing is not going the way the Chicago Bears thought, but a lot of that is because the Johnson draft pick has gone so well. That is a win overall for the Chicago Bears.