Ranking 3 best free agent tackles Chicago Bears could sign

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The Chicago Bears missed out on some of the players that many saw as the best fits for them in free agency. The Bears did not want to go into a bidding war for any of these players, they left empty-handed. There is a chance that Teven Jenkins shoots back out to right tackle, but the team also could be looking to sign some offensive help.

As we stand right now, who are the top offensive tackles available in free agency?

3. Is George Fant a veteran tackle Chicago Bears should target in free agency?

If the Chicago Bears are looking to upgrade via the draft, they may be smart to call in George Fant. Fant will be 31 this season, so he is not the player who may have more upside as the year goes on. However, he makes a lot of sense because he has 3,950 career snaps.

In 2016 the Seahawks drafted him as a project, and by 2023 he is now the experienced veteran who is holding things down until a rookie is ready. One of the best things that Fant brings is versatility.

He played 2,300 snaps at left tackle, and 1,188 at right tackle. He even has played 451 snaps at tight end.

The reality is that the Chicago Bears did not see a big name worth paying up for. Fant is not a big name, but he is known commodity and a starting tackle. At a lower price, and with the combination of a draft pick, the team could roll with George Fant.