3 takeaways for the Chicago Bears from Daniel Jeremiah's Mock Draft 2.0

The Chicago Bears have a big draft ahead of them, and Daniel Jeremiah refines his prior thoughts into Mock Draft 2.0.

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Chicago Bears Takeaway No. 1: Caleb Williams is *almost* a for sure thing

At this point, it's just a matter of time before the Chicago Bears announce that Caleb Williams is their choice with the No. 1 pick — or so it seems.

Justin Fields' odds to play elsewhere are becoming more likely, and his dog is no longer following the Chicago Bears on Instagram. The horror! It must mean Justin Fields will be suiting up for a new team next year, and that's likely the move the Bears make.

All jokes aside, the Bears could keep Justin Fields and build around him, but it's not the smart move. Fields could certainly succeed elsewhere, but the logic behind the Bears taking Caleb Williams is there.

Williams is a special player, and when the Bears have the opportunity to draft a special player, they should do it. Now, if they like Drake Maye as much as they like Caleb Williams, I could see the Bears moving down to get Maye, but that almost feels like overthinking an easy choice.

By the time the Chicago Bears have to make their pick, Ryan Poles and the Bears will know which quarterback is their guy: Caleb Williams, Drake Maye, or Justin Fields.

And by where things stand at this moment, most indications are pointing in Caleb Williams' direction.