5 biggest takeaways from Chicago Bears offseason program

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Justin Fields, Chicago Bears
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2. Justin Fields to D.J. Moore seems legitimate

When the Chicago Bears traded for D.J. Moore, it felt like a game-changing decision. Moore just so happened to be a perfect fit for Fields on the field, and the duo seems to be changing the culture in the locker room.

One of the more interesting notes from OTAs is how Moore has set the tone in the locker room. His professional nature has led him to naturally be the alpha in the room, and the group is rising together around him,

Beyond setting the tone in the locker room, every day, there is a report about Justin Fields hitting D.J. Moore deep. Moore was great at deep ball catching, and Fields was great at throwing deep, so it makes sense that the big plays would come. Still, the ability to click down the field quickly speaks to them having an energy on the same level.

They seem to be going to work with the same demeanor and performing the same way, which rubs off on the whole team. You cannot miss how instant the connection between these two has been. If this means anything for next season, Fields is ready to take that big-time leap.