5 teams most likely to trade Chicago Bears for Jaylon Johnson

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The Chicago Bears may not be active at the trade deadline, but if they do make a deal, it sounds like it will be Jaylon Johnson. The Bears have tried to extend Jaylon Johnson, but nothing has come to fruition yet, so the Bears have decided to listen to calls. Who are the five teams that will be first to call the Chicago Bears for Jaylon Johnson at the trade deadline?

5. Will the San Francisco 49ers make a call for Jaylon Johnson

The San Francisco 49ers have lost three straight games. It is clear that they are looking for some sort of spark to get things back on track. If they need to add somewhere, it may be the back end of their defense, specifically cornerback. Deommodre Lenoir has been a weak spot for the 49ers, as has Isaiah Oliver. Adding Johnson will take Lenoir away from the outside, and it would allow the team to have Lenoir compete with Oliver in the slot. It would be making the outside better and improving the slot by adding depth and competition.

The issue with the 49ers is that their picks are going to be so low in the round due to their expectations this year. So, a second-round pick would be much closer to a third-round pick than the pick that the Bears gave the Steelers last year. Still, San Francisco does have multiple third-round picks that could put things over the top if needed. The need is there, and so is the desperation, so a return could be solid.