3 reasons the Chicago Bears may not be active at the trade deadline

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Sitting at 2-6, most Chicago Bears fans are going to want their team to be sellers at the trade deadline. Ryan Poles did a decent job at that last year, although he ended up losing Roquan Smith only to replace him with Tremaine Edmunds. He also added Chase Claypool when he should have stuck with just selling. Still, this year the team may be less active, here is why.

3. The Chicago Bears are selling too low on most of their assets

The biggest issue the Chicago Bears currently face is that most of their prized assets are at their lowest points right now. Worse than that, a lot of them are injured. If Eddie Jackson played the last two weeks, it would be much easier to get anything back for him. No one will take him on right now.

The same can be said for Justin Fields, the Chicago Bears quarterback. How can a team trade for a QB halfway through the season when he has a finger injury that they cannot look at, and he has to hit the ground running with his teammates at the short end of the season? Teams are not even calling right now. Even with the need for offensive line depth, there is not call for Cody Whitehair or Lucas Patrick.

Darnell Mooney is coming off of an injury and is struggling to gain 50 yards. Yannick Ngakoue may be the best return that they could get, but he has been a major letdown this season with just two sacks.

The Chicago Bears could sell low on some of these players, but the reality is that Mooney and Ngakoue are the only ones who might even get a call before Tuesday. One other name might, but he may not be available.