Tennessee Titans already providing Caleb Williams with bulletin board material

This has to be the most overused form of trash talk thrown at Caleb Williams
Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA
Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA / Andrew Nelles / The Tennessean / USA

In the first matchup for the Chicago Bears this upcoming season, the Bears face off against the Titans at noon on September 8. While there's plenty of time between then and now, the trash talk has already begun, with Jeffery Simmons taking a shot at Caleb Williams.

Jeffery Simmons begins the trash talk amid Week 1 matchup with Chicago Bears and Caleb Williams

Simmons joined the Rich Eisen Show, and Eisen asked the two-time Pro Bowler what he has planned for the Chicago Bears in Week 1.

This has to be the most tired form of trash talk there is, especially considering the fact that whether Caleb Williams paints his nails or not, he's an incredibly talented incoming rookie. Sure, he hasn't played a snap in the NFL, but what he's done to get to the point he's at today is because of the talent he exuberates.

Caleb Williams is a polarizing player to people who don't root for the Chicago Bears, and because of that, he takes a lot of heat for the confidence he showcases daily. Whether it be his fashion sense, the fact that he paints his nails, his pink phone, or the way he showcases his emotions, people always have negative things to say about the incoming rookie quarterback.

However, his ability to play the quarterback position never seems to be the focal point of the trash talk coming at the former No. 1 overall pick.

Now, Jeffery Simmons wears the title of trash talker among the NFL, but this has to be some of the weakest trash talk, especially from someone who claims this behavior as their bread and butter. Saying he can't wait to say "painted nails" to Caleb Williams shows that there really isn't much to trash him for within the sidelines.

Instead of saying, "can't win the big one" or something about his play, Simmons decided he wanted to go on the record of being on the edge of his seat to say "painted nails" to Caleb Williams.

Based on how Williams has handled the outside noise thus far, he appears to be capable of handling such vicious words being thrown at him. Hopefully, Simmons get this out of his system early. Trash-talking while losing would be a tough look.