The Chicago Bears need to target this former first-round wide receiver

Perry Knotts/GettyImages

The Chicago Bears are going to need to address the wide receiver position this offseason. One name that is going to be floated as a potential trade candidate is Jerry Jeudy of the Denver Broncos. What makes him likely to be on the market, and why would the Bears fit?

First, Jerry Jeudy is on the fifth-year option. So, he will be a free agent next year, and if the team is not comfortable with the chances of him re-signing with them, now is the best chance to get anything back for their former first-round pick. He is a former first-round pick, but back in 2020, he is a different general manager and head coach from what is currently in place.

Jerry Jeudy went from 987 yards and 2.18 yards per route run in 2022 to 758 yards and 1.65 yards per route run last year. For his career, Jeudy averaged 1.83 yards per route run, averaged 1.66 as a rookie, and 1.85 in year two. Last year was his least efficient season. 

Jeudy does not fit Sean Payton's offense. The Broncos do not have a quarterback and their roster is in a spot where draft picks are much more valuable than 25-year-old receivers who are due a new contract. 

Chicago Bears would be silly not to pursue a trade for Jerry Jeudy with the Denver Broncos.

However, the Chicago Bears have to see Jeudy as a great option. He is coming off of a down year, so the team can buy low, whether that be in draft picks to acquire him or an extension possibility this offseason. In Chicago, he would be the number two behind D.J. Moore and would not have attention on him. Still, we saw in a Shane Waldron offense that two receivers can get fed. 

For a rookie quarterback, coming into a team with Jeudy and Moore is the kind of weapon that gives him a chance to thrive. If and when the Denver Broncos start listening to calls on Jerry Jeudy, you have to expect the Chicago Bears to be one of the teams dialing in.

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