5 things we need to see when Chicago Bears host Carolina Panthers week 10

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The Chicago Bears are 2-7, and they host the 1-8 Carolina Panthers. This is not a game that has many across the nation fired up, but Bears fans have plenty of storylines to watch from this game. What do we need to see from the Bears in a lost season?

5. The Chicago Bears need to unleash their defensive line

The Chicago Bears' defensive line is slowly but surely coming together. The Bears signed Yannick Ngakoue this year and extended Andrew Billings during the season. They also traded for and extended Montez Sweat. With Justin Jones holding down a spot for Gervon Dexter, it looks like the team has re-made this unit.

Now, it is time to see it. Sweat played a little more than half of the snaps due to the trade coming in the middle of the week. It is a short week, but Sweat is conditioned. Against a talented right tackle in Taylor Moton, the Bears need to give all of the snaps to Sweat. This will open up snaps for DeMarcus Walker, who should kick inside.

On run downs, Walker can replace Ngakoue, who is a poor run defender. On pass downs, he can replace Andrew Billings. This would open the Bears to playing Gervon Dexter over Justin Jones and giving us everything we need to see. There are glimpses, but now we need to see the full thing with Sweat playing, Walker moving around, and Dexeter progressing against a weak interior front.