This Chicago Bears player could have a disappointing 2024 season

Quinn Harris/GettyImages

One player who may be disappointed with the way that the Chicago Bears offseason went was Gerald Everett. When he signed with the team, it was a no-brainer. They needed a second tight end, and Everreyy was with Shane Waldron, not only with the Seattle Seahawks in 2021 but also with the Los Angeles Rams, going back to 2017 when he was the tight ends coach for Everett.

However, things quickly turned when the Bears traded for Keenan Allen and drafted Rome Odunze following the signing. Everett went from one of the more notable pass catchers in the group to someone far down the totem pole. 

Everett had 320 yards as a rookie, which was a career low. In the past three years, he has posted 478 yards, 555, and 411. However, he may be much closer to his rookie season ranks. 

Gerald Everett may be overlooked in new look Bears' offense.

In all of those seasons, Everett was firmly one of the top five target earners, and in two of the three years, he was top three in targets. That simply will not be the case this year. Everett will be behind the top three wide receivers, Cole Kmet and even DeAndre Swift. There is an argument that either Khalil Herbert or Roschon Johnson could steal targets from Everett as well and their targets combined will certainly push him down. 

Everett has always been the top tight end in this situation and he is not quite a good enough blocker to be trusted on the field as much as you would want your typical second tight end. 

The Chicago Bears are smart because Odunze is a rookie, Allen is getting older, and there are other new additions like Swift who may take to gel in the passing game. So, having Everett as insurance is valuable at this point. 

However, when he signed with the team he probably envisioned a bigger role in the offense, and this year is setting up for his lowest statistical production in years.