This Chicago Bears take could not be further from the truth

Debunking another Chicago Bears' hot take.

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With there still over a month until the 2024 NFL Draft, many so-called experts are trying to stir up narratives that keep the intrigue alive regarding what the Chicago Bears will do with the first overall pick.

A reminder, Bears fans, ignore the nonsense.

This is a draft where the first pick is no secret, it will be Caleb Williams and it will be the Bears that make the selection. But, there are no ratings for that. In order to keep viewers glued to their televisions, analysts are trying to stir up controversy with the Bears selection of Williams.

The Bears have done their part in squashing the nonsense by creating a soft landing spot in the sense that the team added two Pro Bowl playmakers in D'Andre Swift and Keenan Allen and a versatile tight end in Gerald Everett.

With the roster that the Bears have constructed, this may be the best situation a rookie quarterback has ever entered the NFL with.

But, again, national media types need to keep things spicy.

The latest controversy that pundits are trying to stir up is that the Bears are not an ideal fit for Williams because Matt Eberflus is entering a lame-duck season as the team's head coach. The idea is that the Bears are repeating the same mistake they made with Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields in that the head coach they had in their rookie season will be fired after the first year.

Matt Eberflus is on solid ground with the Chicago Bears.

That sentiment could not be further from the truth. When the Bears announced that Eberflus would remain as the team's head coach, that was confirmation that Ryan Poles believes the team has the right head coach for not just this season but the multiple seasons ahead. The fact that the Bears traded Justin Fields and moving in the direction of Williams is proof that Eberflus is on solid ground.

Short of the Bears going winless next season, there is not a scenario that exists where Eberflus will be fired after Williams' rookie season.

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