This contract outcome is more likely than Chicago Bears fans think

There's a scenario where this makes sense.
Ryan Kang/GettyImages

When the Chicago Bears drafted Kiran Amegadjie in the third round, many fans called this the eventual end of Braxton Jones starting for the team. Jones has two years left on his rookie deal, and when he fits free agency, the expectation for Amegadjie is to be starter-ready.  While that may be the plan as we sit here, we all know that things change in the NFL. Could Jones still earn an extension after the season?

The answer is certainly yes, and it is much more realistic than some fans think. Jones is a former fifth-round pick, but still started and played every snap as a rookie. That is one heck of a jump up. Jones got off to a bad start, and a neck injury made things worse.

However, he came back from the injury and looked good, as the team was playing their best football late in the season. So, while fans do not see a franchise-caliber player yet, they have to also account for what Jones has been through. 

If we assume that he can stay healthy this year, and we know he will not be a rookie coming straight from such a lower level of competition then the expectations of him having his best year in year three are real.

A Braxton Jones' contract extension is not out of the question.

Jones may know the writing is on the wall, but he also may be thinking that if the Bears did offer a contract that works for both sides, he would be smart to take it before heading into a questionable year three. Still, there also could be a level of play that Jones hits where he wants to bet on himself in year four. Could he completely flip that script?

Beyond the play of Jones, while Amegadjie sounds like a great story of progress on paper, there is a reason the draft is so complex, and very often we see players fail to meet expectations. 

There is a world where Jones performs better in year three considering his journey and progress. If Amegadjie is worse than expected due to a similar jump in competition, the Bears will extend Braxton Jones. This is a more likely outcome than some would say at this point.