This Shane Waldron quote is all you need to know about Caleb Williams

Chasing greatness is the goal for Caleb Williams.
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp
Chicago Bears Mandatory Minicamp / Quinn Harris/GettyImages

Chicago Bears rookies were at Halas Hall on Wednesday in what marked the final OTA of the team's offseason. For new Bears' offensive coordinator Shane Waldron, he had the opportunity to speak with reporters about the growth Caleb Williams has shown during the team's offseason program.

For all the jokes that can be had at Williams wanting to "know the why" and the trauma Bears fans have from hearing former head coach Matt Nagy echo similar sentiments about his broken offense, this is a great thing to hear Waldron say about Williams.

While Mitch Trubisky and Justin Fields are two very different quarterbacks, the one common denominator that they had during their respective times as the starting quarterback of the Bears was playing quarterback at the NFL level never appeared to click for either player.

Yes, Fields had highlight-reel plays on the ground but when it came to making decisions as a passer, there was a limitation. Fields had to see the full play develop instead of anticipating the progression of the offense.

In a similar sense, Trubisky has proven to struggle in terms of reading defenses and applying that to his decision-making as a quarterback.

Caleb Williams is turning over every stone in first year of development.

This is yet another example of Williams wanting to be great at the NFL level. For all the hype that has surrounded past Bears' quarterback failures, there hasn't been anyone as determined as Williams.

To that end, if Williams does not match the production that CJ Stroud had with the Houston Texans last season, that does not mean his rookie season was a failure.

What Stroud did with the Texans last season was the exception to the rule of rookie quarterbacks in the NFL, not the expectation.