Three major issues Kevin Warren must address and resolve moving forward

As the 2023 Bears continues to embarrass themselves both on and off the field, team president Kevin Warren must address the following issues about the organization. And nothing should be off limits.

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Even though he has not spoken in quite some time, Chicago Bears team president Kevin Warren was in the news recently. NFL Insider Albert Breer of MMQB recently answered a question from the Bears fan, who asked if they are going to bring back Matt Eberflus.

In his answer, Breer mentioned that Warren will likely clean house and could move on from both head coach Matt Eberflus and General Manager Ryan Poles. He wants to bring in his own guys and be more involved in the football side.

With the 2023 season turning into a disaster, all the attention is being paid to the draft order, where the Bears hold the first overall pick from the Carolina Panthers once again. But for Warren, even he has to be disgusted by the lack of progress seen on the field and constant excuses from Matt Eberflus and his staff.

All eyes will be on Kevin Warren as he faces tough decisions

It should not surprise anyone if he wants to start wielding his power to a point where he feels a total house cleaning is required. We've seen him attend multiple games in person, and the game against the Los Angeles Chargers on Sunday Night Football last month was very telling.

With only five games left on the schedule, here are some of the issues Kevin Warren must tackle before the end of the season is over.