Three major issues Kevin Warren must address and resolve moving forward

As the 2023 Bears continues to embarrass themselves both on and off the field, team president Kevin Warren must address the following issues about the organization. And nothing should be off limits.

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Issue No.3-Who is responsible for resignation of Alan Williams and firing of David Walker?

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It is not unusual for coaches to be fired in the middle of the season.But for the Chicago Bears, not only one but two coaches left the organization in a bizarre circumstances. Former defensive coordinator Alan Williams abruptly left the team following an inappropriate activity. There was a bizarre stories of the FBI raiding both Halas Hall and his home, which turned out to be false.

Then, running back coach David Walker was fired on November 1st over his workplace behavior. He was also reprimanded previously by the human resource department, so you knew he has been a problem since he joined the Bears organization. It is not a goof look on Matt Eberflus, who is responsible for hiring both men to be on his staff.

Warren needs to examine just how much was Eberflus aware of what both men were doing outside of football that led to their departure and dismissal. Did he enable a culture where accountability did not exist at all? Given that he seems to be always blaming his players after the loss because of lack of execution, and his recent self absorbing presser, it should not come if it did not existed.

And did Poles play any role in all of this fiasco? Did he overlook any sketchy things during their background check because both he and Eberflus shared the same agent and did not want to rock the boat? And are there more people inside the Halas Hall with similar issues that has not been exposed yet but could be considered determinantal to the organization?

Both incidents had to be a black eye to Warren, who has a law degree and has practiced law. Both incidents happened under his leadership. It led to an embarrassing PR nightmare nationally along with an embarrassing performance on the field. If Warren finds anything suspicious and there are multiple parties involved, he must act immediately to clean up and restructure the organization.

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And he better hope chairman George McCaskey is fully behind it even if it may not be considered popular. McCaskey could risk angering fans further, who is fed up with the team both on and off the field, as many sees him as the symbol of all that ails this franchise.