3 underrated values on Chicago Bears roster

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When you end up with the worst record in the NFL, you may be entering the next season flying under the radar. That is where the Chicago Bears currently stand. Still, as they enter 2023, they can catch people off-guard as they are underrated.

Who are some of the most underrated players who may be surprising people in 2023?

3. Jaquan Brisker is not a nationally known name yet

Jaquan Brisker was a rookie last season, and the Chicago Bears had the worst record. When you add that he is a safety, and that position does not get much attention, it is not a shock that Jaquan Brisker is flying under the radar. As many rookies do, his play hit a wall late in the season. However, as a whole, the rookie season of Jaquan Brisker was awe-inspiring.

Now, he enters year two with a chance to become more of a household name. What was so great about Brisker was that he was sound overall. He could slide into the box and cover tight ends but he also could play two-deep and single-high. Beyond that, he defended the run and rushed the passer.

He ended up leading the Chicago Bears in sacks, which says way more about the Bears' pass rush than it does his play. Still, his play was really good, and he was one of the better pass-rushing safeties overall.

It definitely takes more time than other positions for safeties to become well-known. Still, a second strong year will at least wake people up and have them realize that he is here to stay. Beyond that, if the Chicago Bears win more games, media types will be looking for reasons to praise the team, and it will be easy to point to Brisker as a young building block who can be here for years to come.

Brisker is not the household name and a piece of a rebuilding defense yet, but you can easily see him becoming that guy with a second straight season.