Velus Jones Jr could have renewed value for the Chicago Bears

There may yet be hope for Velus Jones Jr.

Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears
Atlanta Falcons v Chicago Bears / Justin Casterline/GettyImages

If we're being honest, we sat on this idea for the Chicago Bears.

Had we run the story on Monday, April Fool's Day, it would have been discarded as a prank but we are not joking when we say that Velus Jones Jr could have renewed value for the Chicago Bears entering next season.

No, any hope of Jones being a contributor for the Bears on offense should be lost. Jones has struggled with the very first bar that should be cleared when being an offensive playmaker--actually being able to catch the ball.

Beyond that, on the rare occasion that Jones did catch the ball, he struggled to find running lanes. It was one of the main reasons he was replaced as a return specialist last season by Trent Taylor.

There may be a renewed hope for Jones, however, in a 2024 season that will undoubtedly be the last opportunity he has with the Bears.

Lost in the shuffle of the coverage of the NFL Annual Meetings last week was the fact that a new kickoff format was approved and will be used on a trial basis during the 2024 season. CHGO's Adam Hoge had a brilliant tweet last week that explained the new format.

Velus Jones Jr may have renewed life with the Chicago Bears after the latest NFL rule change.

While this would not resolve Jones' struggles in terms of catching the ball, the new format should place more of an emphasis on the returner's ability to find lanes and utilize their speed to get downfield. This format change for kickoffs could be what leads to Jones remaining on the Bears' roster beyond the Pre-Season.

Tyler Scott could also have added value under this new format as it would allow for two returners on the field at the same time.

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