3 ways the Chicago Bears lost the Chase Claypool trade

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The Chicago Bears traded Chase Claypool to the Miami Dolphins. The deal essentially has the Bears moving up from the seventh round to the sixth round, but considering the Bears' seventh-round pick may be high, and the Dolphins may be low, it is a small jump in the late 100s. That is not much for Chase Claypool.

The trade was a disaster from the jump, and now that it is over, it is easy to declare the Chicago Bears the giant losers from the whole ordeal.

3. The Chicago Bears helped the Pittsburgh Steelers in more ways than one

The Pittsburgh Steelers won this trade in so many ways when you break it down. First, we go to the 2022 NFL draft, when the Bears took Kyler Gordon over George Pickens. This allowed the Steelers to take Pickens. So, with Pickens, it immediately made Chase Claypool expendable.

Because the Bears passed on Pickens, they needed Claypool. So, the Steelers picked up a second-round pick just because the Bears did not want George Pickens.

With that pick, they took Joey Porter, a cornerback. So, the Chicago Bears easily could have had Porter and Pickens, but they decided to take Gordon and therefore had to trade for Claypool. Now, they turned the 32nd overall pick into a pick swap on day three. That is not a win in any way.

On the flip side, Pickens has become the Steelers' number one wideout, and the team is easing Joey Porter Jr. onto the field as a rookie. If Porter becomes good, this trade will become even worse, but it is hard to think of the trade for Claypool without remembering they only did so because they passed on George Pickens.