Which Chicago Bears were winners in Week 15 vs Browns?

The Chicago Bears lost a heartbreaker to the Cleveland Browns on the road in Week 15. They were the better football team and somehow found a way to lose. There was too much good in this game for the Bears to lose, which has been the story more times than not recently.

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The Chicago Bears once again found a way to lose in heartbreaking fashion. They entered the fourth quarter up 17-7 with all of the momentum, but a few key misses and a lack of the ability to finish led to the door being opened for the Browns. Most Bears fans felt that gut feeling as the score got to 17-10, and the tide started to turn in the Browns favor. They knew somehow the Bears would find a way to lose this game, and surely enough, that was what happened.

There are too many good things going for the Chicago Bears right now for the team to be losing this way. The defense is playing at an elite level right now, and it all went for nothing because the offense continues to struggle. The inability to play consistent complimentary football has been the story of the Bears for years, and it continues to plague them.

Chicago Bears Week 15 Winner No. 1: Montez Sweat

Montez Sweat has been elite since the Chicago Bears gave up a high second-round pick and almost $100 million dollars for his services. I do not think any Bears fan expected this type of production out of him at the time of the trade. Each game, he looks even more explosive as the edge for the Bears, and the defense continues to play better because of what he brings.

Sometimes, it takes a player like Sweat to get to a defense and bring them out of their shell. While he is only one player and can only control so much on the defense, he has elevated the play of his teammates with his effort, intensity, and skill. The Bears have been at the top of the league in turnovers since he has been here, and he added three interceptions to that number against the Browns. It is amazing what happens when the opposing quarterback cannot just sit back there and pick a defense apart with all the time in the world.

Montez Sweat has quickly become one of the best players on this team and continues to produce for the Bears. He has had at least one sack in every game for the Bears this season, and he finished Week 15 with another 2.5 sacks. The way he affected the Browns' offense, especially through the first three quarters, kept the Bears in the game while the offense was stagnant. There were countless plays where Joe Flacco had to release the ball early and could not time up a play because Sweat was approaching him. If it was not Sweat, then it was another pass rusher, thanks to Sweat taking on two blocks.

The Bears have found one of their core pieces on their defense going forward. They locked him up for what will most likely become a very reasonable price, and he has given them a very strong return on investment so far. His outing against the Browns was just another example of who he is and what he has brought to the Bears' defense.