Why Malik Nabers would be the Chicago Bears' best trade-up option in 2024 NFL Draft

Jonathan Bachman/GettyImages

Malik Nabers officially had a pre-draft visit with the Chicago Bears. By all indications, he is one of the six best players in the 2024 NFL draft and he will go in the top six picks. With the Bears sitting at pick nine, they would have to trade up to land Nabers, but there is a real chance that they will. 

First, between Nabers and Marvin Harrison Jr., most would expect Nabers to be the one who falls a bit. There is talk that Nabers is viewed as a better prospect by some in the NFL, but Harrison has so much intrigue around his name that it is hard to see him falling. 

If Nabers falls to pick six, it would be hard not to see the Bears trade up. There is a chance that four quarterbacks and Marvin Harrison Jr. go in the top five, so this all could align. 

While Harrison is a dream target, Nabers may actually be a better fit for the Chicago Bears offense as currently constructed. 

The Chicago Bears should trade up for Malik Nabers

D.J. Moore can do most of everything as a wide receiver, but he is at his best when he can get the ball in his hands and get over the middle of the field. Malik Nabers has a similar build to Moore, and they could do similar things with each other. 

At the same time, Nabers brings a unique threat down the field that not many can bring, including Harrison. With Nabers being a deep threat as a rookie, it would allow Moore to work in the middle of the field and do more of the things needed to rack off the majority of the targets. Keenan Allen is not a burner by any stretch, and he will live in the slot, so the fit is seamless. 

A lot of attention is being paid to Marvin Harrison Jr, and rightfully so, but if the Chicago Bears land Malik Nabers in a trade-up, it could cost them less, fit better, and see equal or better long-term returns.

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