4 wishes on the Chicago Bears Christmas list this year

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As we get into the spirit of the holiday, there are plenty of things for Chicago Bears fans to wish for this Christmas. It was another disappointing year, and most fans just want some hope. What are the biggest wishes that Bears fans need to see happen right now?

4. The Chicago Bears would love to see the Carolina Panthers lose out

The most important thing going for the Chicago Bears has little to nothing to do with their roster. They are going to pick if they lose out, but not high enough. The good news is that they have the Carolina Panthers. The Panthers pick is the gift that keeps on giving when you consider D.J. Moore was essentially just a throw-in on top of the potential top-five pick that the Bears got from Carolina. 

At this point, the Panthers would struggle to get out of the top three picks. Still, with three games to go, the Chicago Bears do not want to risk it. They want to see the Panthers lose out. If the Cardinals and Patriots won one of their final three games, it would not be the worst thing either, but the key is the Panthers picking first overall.

The benefit of having that pick is massive. They got a huge haul for the Bryce Young draft, and this class is much more highly regarded. Beyond that, the first pick could be the key to their questions at quarterback. 

So, the Chicago Bears will be rooting for the Green Bay Packers to have a Merry Christmas. Trust me, Bears fans, this will be worth it in the long-term.