4 wishes on the Chicago Bears Christmas list this year

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3. The Chicago Bears need a new head coach for Christmas 

The Chicago Bears should have learned this year that they need a new head coach. The quarterback probably has to be replaced as well, but if they are going to move on from the quarterback, then it better come with the head coach moving on as well. 

We can call it what it is. Matt Eberflus is an excellent defensive coordinator. Once he took over the play calling for the defense, they got better. He has turned the unit around from personnel to their style, and it is working. 

However, in today's NFL, you need a more competent offense to compete. More than that, Matt Eberflus is simply not good at game management

The Chicago Bears had ten-point leads against the Denver Broncos, Detroit Lions, and Cleveland Browns and lost all of them. That is the difference between competing for the playoffs and having nothing to play for with three games to go. Eberflus has been favored to win just four times, and he has yet to clear the spread with two straight-up losses.

He does not know how to manage a game or a team. That is a big deal for a head coach. Chicago Bears fans deserve to start fresh with the first overall pick and an improved roster. Do not keep Matt Eberflus for another year.