Jay Cutler fined $20k for “abusive conduct”


The NFL has been re-stocking their coffers, doling out some juicy fines over the last few days. Chad Ochocinco’s $1 bribe to an official cost him $20,000 more.  Tommie Harris dropping a Deuce (Litui)?  $7500.

Just to add a little insult to injury, Jay Cutler has been fined $20k for “abusive conduct” toward the referee in last Sunday’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals.

Here’s ESPN’s Adam Schefter’s tweet:

Jay should be fined for abusive conduct toward Bears fans and the game of football, because his 5 INT night last night in the Bears 10-6 loss to the 49ers set modern quarterbacking back a few decades.  Salt, meet wound.

If they want to fine Cutler, they should start fining him by the interception.  By the end of the season, they’ll make way more money that way.

As I saw tweeted by Vaughn McClure, Jay should have just punched the ref – it only cost Tommie $7500 for throwing a punch.