Randy Moss and Bears Could Make Beautiful Music Together


Does Randy Moss make sense for the Chicago Bears?  Some people say yes, others are an emphatic noBrian Urlacher wouldn’t mind in case you were wondering.  What do I think?

I say, “why not?”  Could he really do more harm to this offense?  Bringing him here has many possible benefits:

  1. A proven receiver like Moss commands a double team; no other Bears receiver does.  Some don’t even need to be covered at all.  A double team on Moss opens things up elsewhere.  Heck, maybe it even means one less guy to blitz Cutler.
  2. Moving Moss into a starting WR spot should move Devin Hester back to full time duty doing what he does best – returning kicks.  Hester has shown that he’s back, so it’s time to strike while the iron is hot and get him as many touches as possible on special teams.
  3. It gives Jay Cutler that big target that he loves.  Plus, it gives someone else for Jay to complain about running the wrong route, cutting off a route or missing an assignment.
  4. Moss in the hands of an offensive Mad Scientist like Mike Martz is like handing Doc Brown and stolen shipment of plutonium.
  5. Peanut Tillman can re-live the greatest moment of his career – stealing the ball from an in-his-prime-Randy-Moss in the end zone – over and over again in practice.
  6. If all else fails, you’ve got quotes like this for the next nine weeks:

(H/T to my sister, who proves she knows more than celebrity gossip and to Shutdown Corner for the video clip.)

Straight cash, homey!