Bear Dawn 11/9: Bears Halfway There, Living on a Prayer


Bears fans spent a better part of the day on Monday wondering how good this team really is.  At 5-3, ,they’re keeping pace with the Packers and in the discussion for an NFC playoff berth.  But the “soft” part of the schedule has concluded and it’s time to take a step up in class with teams like the Patriots, Jets and Eagles among the second half opponents.   Lovie Smith had this to say at his Monday presser:

"“We’re 5-3 right now, and a lot of times it seems like we’re 2-6 or something like that,” Smith said. “We’re a good football team, and, in time, we’ll prove that more and more.“I like our position.”"

When he said it feels like 2-6, he probably should have stopped there.  After that, my bullshit meter went off the charts.  More after the jump.

If you had Wade Phillips in the first coach to be fired pool, go to the window and collect your winnings.  Jerry Jones put ole Wade out of his misery after a humiliating loss on national TV.  In the wake of the news, the Sun Times’ Rick Morrissey thinks a loss to the Bills would have been better for the Bears long term prospects:

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I can’t say that I disagree with him.

Earl Bennett is OK after getting in a car accident.   Some drunk hit the ’73 Chevelle (haven’t been able to confirm the car or get any pics) carrying Bennett and at least DJ Moore (possibly others) as they were headed Eastbound on the Ohio Street Ramp at 12:11 AM Monday morning.  Eastbound?  That sounds like they were still heading into the city.  Don’t these guys have to work on Monday morning???

I am convinced that my buddy over at Bears STH makes up his headlines just to get under my skin.   Does he really believe that crap that he’s shoveling?