Top Baby Name Options for Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari


The blessed event is right around the corner for Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and fiance Kristin Cavallari, with their first baby just days away.  Since they’re a Hollywood couple and I don’t think the traditional John or Joseph or Michael will do; I suspect they will choose a name a little off the beaten path.  We already found they’re having a BOY, so that narrows the options quite a bit.  I’d like to offer a few suggestions because I’m sure Jay has his head in his new playbook and not brainstorming with Kristin.

Here are my top choices for baby boy Cutler:

Bennett – in honor of his teammate and favorite target from 2011 who broke the news about them having a boy.

Marshall – back together with his favorite target from Denver.

Nash – Jay is a Vandy guy and actually has a home in Nashville.

Cutty – Cutty Cutler has a nice ring to it, no?

Halas – how better to honor the founding father of the Bears and NFL?

Emery – a little borderline for a boy, but it’s a great way to suck up to new GM Phil Emery, who will be negotiating that new contract with Jay this Fall.

Forte – supposedly Jay offered this to Matt to help work out that new contract.

Garza – Jay and center Roberto Garza have as intimate a relationship as two men can have on a football field.  Jay can “go under center” with his new baby boy.

Ditka – you can’t go wrong with Chicago fans naming your kid after Da Coach.

What are your ideas?  Got a good Bears-related name for Jay and Kristin?  Post them in the Comments.

Good luck to the proud parents-to-be and happy naming!