Top NFL Picks Against the Apread: Handicapping Week 10: Weekend


Well, friends, I’m back. I apologize for my absence.  As Boomer alluded to, we were in Nashville for the Bears game last weekend drinking the town dry and singing “Bear Down” like 19 times during the game.  Even with my return to Chicago, I haven’t quite gotten back into the groove.  But with a pretty unfilled weekend, I’m able to get back to my love of picking the games.  You know my rule, if it wasn’t written prior to the game, your pick doesn’t count.  I am a little upset with myself because if I was able to find time to do my picks the last two Thursdays and last weekend, I know my record wouldn’t be hovering around 500.  In my “betting points pool” last weekend, I took Detroit, the Bears, and Denver and they all won and covered for me.  But, I didn’t look much beyond that, so who knows, I could’ve just been 3-2.  Oh well, on to Week 10 where I’m not especially that excited:


Philadelphia +1 vs Dallas – you have two 3-5 teams, same division, last chance to stay afloat for a Wildcard spot.  Who would’ve thought last year in their pre-season annointment as Superbowl champs that a year later the Eagles would be 1 point home underdogs against the erratic Dallas Cowboys.  You got to go with the home underdog in this one.

New Orleans +1 vs Atlanta -close to the same rationale, except you have a Saints team that won’t make the playoffs, but will ruin a lot of teams in the process.  The Superdome is not an easy place to play (unless you are the Superbears of course).  I’m still not sold on Atlanta and it’s not easy to run the table in your division.  This will be the one that trips up the Falcons.

New York -3.5 @ Cincinnati – this could be the game I totally see yelling at the Giants about.  However, after that tough loss to Pittsburgh last week, this will be the game that the Giants get back on track and look like world-beaters again.  It’s just always tough to figure out when they are going to do it.  If someone has seen a discernible pattern with them – please let me know.  In the meantime, I’ll get on their bandwagon this week – and ELI – you better play this week!


St. Louis +12.5 vs. 49ers – just a little too many points for me.  I see the 49ers beating them soundly, but the Rams hanging on long enough to score a dumb touchdown or field goal in the 4th quarter to make it like a 10 or 11 point win for the 49ers.  I’m going to guess 24-13 just for giggles.


Bears -1 vs Houston – what could be a Superbowl preview, I’m going to once again take the home team.  Soldier Field is going to be rocking Sunday Night after the Bears dominant performance last week.  Houston is a very good football team and I really like them. However, they haven’t seen a Defense like the Bears.  The Bears continue to get turnovers in a close 4 point win.  BEARS!

WEEK 8 Pick 3: 1-2     Upset Special 1-0   Beloved 0-1

SEASON: Pick  3:   10-13-1     Upset Special:  5-2-1      Beloved:  4-3-1   Thursday Night 2-2-1  =  21-20-4