Chicago Bears Week 13 Game Ball – Cutler to Marshall


Rather than putting the Bears’ Week 13 Game Ball up for a vote, I’m breaking protocol and splitting the game ball between the two offensive heroes, Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall.  Both were spectacular in the Bears’ 23-17 loss to the Seahawks.  Can you imagine the Bears offense without these two?  If you can’t, close your eyes and think Caleb Hanie and Roy Williams.  I’m sorry I did that to you!

Some of Jay Cutler’s best moments did not show up directly on the stat sheet.   Sure, you see that Jay had 4 rushes for 27 yards, but that doesn’t do justice to the heady runs that Cutler put together.  It doesn’t show Jay juke Earl Thomas out of his jock to pick up a first down.   Besides his mad scrambling, Cutler was out there just throwing darts.   Sunday’s heartbreaker was the first time in Jay Cutler’s Chicago Bears career when he had a passer rating over 100 and the Bears lost.  When Cutler’s good, the Bears generally win.  That’s a good thing going forward.

As for Marshall, he takes it as a personal insult when teams try to single cover him.  I guess he prefers the bracket coverage that the Packers threw at him.   Marshall was supposed to have a tough time against one of the best secondaries in the league.  Someone forgot to tell him that.

Here is one play that sums up Sunday’s performances by Cutler and Marshall:

This was supposed to be the signature play of the game, possibly the season.  Someone forgo to tell the Bears defense that.  Think Cutler and Marshall are having flashbacks to their days in Denver when they rolled on offense but kept losing games 38-37?

Is anyone else worthy of a game ball?  Maybe the offensive line, except for that one play where they couldn’t push the Seahawks back a foot?

Let’s hear your comments.