Chicago Bears Week 2 Report Card

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Welcome to the Chicago Bears Week 2 Report Card.  The Bears remind me of myself in college; procrastinators ’til the bitter end, but they get the job done under pressure.  On to the grades:

Quarterback (B)

Cutler gets raised a letter grade because the final exam (final drive) is worth a bigger portion of the final letter grade.  He was everything you want and expect in a quarterback as he drove the Bears offense through the rain on the decisive score.   If things had broken differently, we’d all be throwing Cut-head under the bus for his three turnover afternoon.

Running Backs (B+)

Matt Forte had 11 catches on 11 targets.  That’s the sort of production fantasy owner (like me) hoped for.  90 yards on the ground, with a 4.7 ypc average to combine for 161 yards from scrimmage.  That late fumble could have been a killer.

Wide Receivers (B+)

Brandon Marshall was fantastic yet again with 7 catches for 113 yards including a 34 yard TD catch.  Earl Bennett came up with a couple of catches on his two targets.  Alshon Jeffery may have only caught 1 pass, but could it have been a better catch at a more important time in the game?  His 38 yard end around was pretty sweet too.

Tight Ends (A)

Martellus Bennett was terrific with two TD’s on his 7 catches.  Did you see the catch that he made out of the back of the end zone that didn’t count?  Check it out.

Offensive Line (B-)

I’ll have to go back through a second viewing to fully grade the line, but in general, they were adequate.  Jermon Bushrod had his hands full with Jared Allen while the rookies didn’t perform quite as well as Week 1.  Cutler was sacked once, but seemed to be under a lot more pressure and took a few hits.  The ground game is just getting going but had a better rushing average of 4.7 yards per carry for Forte and 5.0 overall.