Most Memorable Chicago Bears Monday Night Football Games

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#3: Who Killed Favre?

12/20/10: Bears 40 – Vikings 14

After the Metrodome collapsed, the Vikings were forced to play their last home game of the season at TCF Bank Stadium.  Bear Killer Brett Favre was in the Purple and Gold instead of the Green and Gold, but Corey Wootton effectively ended Brett Favre’s career when he sacked the legend.  Favre suffered a concussion and never returned to action again.  Devin Hester set record for kickoff/punt return TD’s with 14.  He would later go on to break Deion Sanders’ all time record with the Falcons in 2014.

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#2: “The Cap Boso Game”

9/23/91 – Bears 19 – Jets 13 (OT)

There’s a really good writeup of this Bears unlikely victory over at Midway Illustrated.  The Jets had pretty much been assured of a win, but last minute heroics by Steve McMichael to force a fumble and the Bears were able to tie the game in the closing moments to force overtime.

In overtime, the Jets missed a potential game-winning field goal from the 11 yard line and the Bears took over late in OT.  Here’s how Midway Illustrated described it:

"On first and 10 from the 25, Harbaugh rolls out to the right and launches downfield to Boso, who cradles it in at the five and falls into the end zone for the touchdown!! Once again, Soldier Field turns into pandemonium. Boso is mobbed in the end zone, with a chunk of the field stuck in his facemask. As the celebration continues, the officials are shown gathering in the middle of the field and replays indicate that Boso may not have crossed the goalline. Boos rain down from the crowd, and Harbaugh is ripped away from an interview with Tim Weigel and sent back out to the field. As the players come back to the field, Michaels predicts, “I think you’re going to see a Harbaugh quarterback sneak.” Thirty-five seconds are showing on the scoreboard as Harbaugh settles behind center and sneaks in for the game-winning touchdown. The refs wait a bit and, of course, say that the play is under review. More boos from the crowd, but replays say that Harbaugh was in. The head official signals touchdown, and this one is all over: Bears 19, Jets 13, in one of the most unbelievable games in Bears’ history."

I just remember being at the dorms at U of I, blowing off some Calculus homework to go to the TV lounge to watch the incredible finish in disbelief.

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