What Chicago Bears Draft Choice Tells Us About Idea of 2018

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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With the #8 Overall Pick, the Chicago Bears select…

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An Offensive Tackle

Possible Players: Mike McGlinchey, Orlando Brown, Connor Williams

Likely Status in 2018:  Starter

What does it say about the Bears:

This choice would clearly indicate that the team views its receiving corps as adequate. Such an assessment surely indicates a number of high profile signings in Free Agency.  A tackle at number 8 would be different from a guard as the right tackle spot has been one of the worst on the Offensive Line for two seasons now.  It would send the message that the teams believes that with more time, Mitch Trubisky can develop into the quarterback they believe he will be, and indicts Bobby Massie as the main culprit in last season’s offensive struggles.  It also would indicate that they are happy with the defense as well as they would be passing on a number of very deeply needed defensive prospects who would fill some glaring roster holes.

The Good:

Another steady pick. Picking a replacement for Massie here could pay immediate dividends in the passing game and potentially in the running game as well.  The spread offense requires a right tackle who can do well in both pass blocking and run blocking, and Massie certainly has struggled in the former.

The Bad:

Again, you’d be passing on playmakers. Massie was a train wreck at times in both 2016 and 2017, but he also had stretches of adequate play.  The big question is, what can he be when he’s coached by a line coach who extended multiple careers and got the best out of marginal players during his previous tenure with the team?  Do the Bears have so little faith in Massie and Heistand that they would throw away the chance to draft a player who could turn a game around for them just to replace him on the line?