Chicago Bears Rumors: Who is left for Ryan Pace at quarterback?

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Derek Carr – Via Trade

Finally, I am going to still hope that Derek Carr is available. Honestly, I do not think he is going to be. The Raiders signed Marcus Mariota, but it was apparently to be Carr’s backup. I again do not understand why Mariota would choose this option though, and this is why I am still holding out slight hope they make him available. Maybe Carr will start demanding a trade as Khalil Mack did?

If Carr becomes available on the trade block, could Ryan Pace and Jon Gruden find a way to make another blockbuster trade? The two already made the Mack trade a couple of years ago, why not Derek Carr too?

I am not sure how much draft capital the team would have to give up for Carr, but my guess is that a 2021 first-round draft pick would be involved. That said, maybe it would only take a second-rounder? With the Houston Texans trade involving Deandre Hopkins on the books, a second could possibly make sense and could be feasible. If Pace could send Gruden his 2020 second-round pick back from the Mack trade to lock up Carr, I am on board.

In fact, I’d be okay with a 2021 first-round pick too. Why should Pace give up another first-round pick? Well, this team has too much talent to be a top pick in 2021. If the Bears are done with Trubisky, bringing in Carr could be a game-changer. Now add in the Robert Quinn move and boom, this team is a guaranteed Super Bowl contender for years to come.

Carr has averaged over 240 yards per game throughout his career. In his last two seasons, he has completed over 68 percent of his passes too. He has a 2.31 touchdown to interception ratio. That is fantastic and would be refreshing for this team. Even better, Carr has more mobility than many give him credit. He would be a great fit for Matt Nagy’s offense. To top it off, his salary is locked up for the next three years at under $20 million per season. I love that.

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Time seems to be running out for Ryan Pace and the quarterback department. Which route do you want Pace to take? Which route do you think Pace actually takes? Could we really be seeing a Mitchell Trubisky and second-round 2020 rookie quarterback leading the Bears this season? Let us hope Pace has a better plan than just that one.