Chicago Bears: Is a Taysom Hill like role suitable for Mitch Trubisky?

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Could the Chicago Bears use Mitch Trubisky like the Saints use Taysom Hill?

Chicago Bears quarterback Mitch Trubisky lost his starting spot in the third quarter against the Falcons. Nick Foles came in and helped Chicago score 20 unanswered points. Bears continue to 3-0 while Foles remains the starter through week 4. With this move, a lot of left on the board moving forward.

Having Trubisky on the sideline has a high ceiling and low floor. The Bears can hit the deep ball and accelerate this offense, or end stagnant and immobilized. Benching Trubisky and losing Tarik Cohen for the season just canceled an element on the RPO. Sophomore running back David Montgomery and Nick Foles is in the backfield ready to step into bigger roles for the Chicago Bears.

Having an athletic build like Trubisky can look to be useful, but converting him has the chance to bring devalue. Looking at New Orleans QB/WR Taysom Hill, he’s been preparing for some time to be a dual-threat.

Trubisky has the do what it takes attitude, but lining him up as a secret weapon will crush his value even more. When you convert a player from a quarterback, you are insisting that this isn’t the QB1 in any scenario. Now, you have a former quarterback caught in an uncertain middle.

While it’s still too early to know what’s next for Trubisky, the worst should put. He has all the ability to make for a good weapon if need be of course. The current state of his season and his future shouldn’t call for it.

Even though he lost his spot, he has something to prove. Whether we see him under center or not, Trubisky still can prove his value. Will he be a reliable backup or will he be a worthy starter again? There are still 13 more games to play, and the Bears still have a lot to display.