Chicago Bears: 5 Trade targets at the 2020 NFL trade deadline

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Chicago Bears, James Daniels

Chicago Bears – Credit: Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears should try to trade for these players

Less than a week away, the trade deadline is fastly approaching and the Chicago Bears need to consider being buyers before the deadline. Sitting at 5-2, the Bears have a defense good enough to carry this team into the playoffs even with their lackluster offense.

Even though the Bears are 5-2, there are a lot of issues with their team, especially with their offense. There is not a single position on offense that you can look at and say “Yes, they are very good here.” The only player on this team that has been good or better on offense is Allen Robinson. Their offensive line has been a joke and that has hurt the offense greatly.

Granted, the Bears lost their best offensive lineman James Daniels to a torn pectoral muscle and he will miss the season, but losing one lineman does not excuse the joke the Bears have been in terms of both pass and run blocking. The Bears need that line to be better or need to target it before the deadline.

Even their defense isn’t perfect either as they are middle-of-the-pack in terms of rushing yards per game. Even on Monday Night Football against the Los Angeles Rams, the Bears allowed 161 rushing yards. Their run defense definitely needs to improve as well if this defense wants to be elite.

There are plenty of positions that the Bears could use an upgrade in order to make this run in the playoffs and likely save Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace’s jobs. Here are some players they should target.

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